Lectures on Calvinism, Abraham Kuyper, hard cover

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The six lectures are:

(1) Christianity - A Life System; the Calvinistic Conception of Christianity;

(2) An Adequate Philosophy of Religion;

(3) The Religious Roots of Political Liberties;

(4) The Religious Impulse Behind Science;

(5) Authentic Worship and The Enhancement of Art;

(6) A Spirituality for an Unspiritual Future.

This book is being published to help us recover a robust spirituality for the 21st century, by rediscovering the richness of God’s Revelation and applying it to the whole of life. Jesus is Lord of this universe, then He must be made the Lord of the whole of our lives and society; His will must be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

This holy, far-seeing man foresaw the spiritual morass we are now in. Even then he wrote: ''Christianity is imperiled by great and serious dangers. Two life systems are wrestling with one another, in mortal combat. [Humanism] is bound to build a world of its own from the data of the natural man, and to construct man himself from the data of nature. All those who reverently bend the knee to Christ and worship Him as the Son of the living God, and God Himself, are bent upon saving the ‘Christian Heritage’'' (p. 21).

The historian Bancroft, in his History of the United States of America, no Calvinist, acknowledged that Calvinism ''has a theory of ontology, of ethics, of social happiness, and of human liberty, all derived from God.'' And in the wake of this great awakening to the truths taught in God’s Word, freedom and liberty followed as surely as the sun rose in its orbit. Calvinism proclaims the exalted thought that, although standing in high majesty above the creature, God enters into immediate fellowship with the creature, as God the Holy Spirit. This is even the heart and kernel of the Calvinistic confession of predestination. There is communion with God, but only in entire accord with His counsel of peace from all eternity. Thus there is no grace but such as comes to us immediately from God. At every moment of our existence, our entire spiritual life rests in God Himself. Living God.''

It is an electrifying; an inspiring book; one worthy of being read by every soul who is linked with God.

Kuyper (1837 - 1920) was Pastor, Theologian, Founder of the Free University of Amsterdam, and Prime Minister of Holland from 1901-1905. Oftentimes his statements have been prophetic, especially as to what has happened in the west. 120 pages, blue linen hard cover

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