Exposition of I & II Samuel, John Gill, Matthew Henry, & A. W. Pink

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With the assistance of Matthew Henry and John Gill in pages 1-150,  Arthur W. Pink gives a complete exposition of I and II Samuel in pages 150 through 612. And with it, the reader has been given the entire Life of David which is one of Pink’s finest expositions.

The first sixteen chapters of I Samuel are very important to the life of David, giving the preceding events leading up to the relationship of Samuel and David. For in chapter six we see Samuel established as the Lord’s prophet, but also as His chosen magistrate for that period. God was the ruler, but Samuel was His spokesman. This continued until Samuel was old, and using this as an excuse, the people asked for a king. He did so, but instructed by the Lord, he admonished them severely for rejecting God as their ruler.
Now he is already old, but it is at this time that Samuel’s life becomes entwined with David’s. Under orders he anoints Saul. He seemed well satisfied with Saul at first, but when Saul disobeyed God, he warned him that God had chosen a successor to him. Then, under stress, because he feared Saul would kill him, Samuel is ordered to go to Bethlehem to anoint another king. To his surprise, this one turned out to be a mere youth, a handsome youngster who was a shepherd who had to be called from the field to receive his anointing.

Here it is that Pink’s Life of David begins. Those familiar with other commentators on I & II Samuel can see how well Pink compares to all of them. Perhaps, only Calvin’s great sermons on Samuel can be said to be superior to Pink’s.

Though he recognizes David as ''a man after God’s heart'' (Acts 13:22), Pink paints David warts and all. He shows him as fainting in the face of Saul’s hatred, putting a lie into Jonathan’s mouth in chapter 20, and lying repeatedly, next to Ahimelech the priest, then to the Philistine king. Pink says that in David the flesh was lusting against the Spirit as he gave way to fear, but the Spirit was lusting against the flesh as He was working out David’s future as the Sweet Singer of Israel. David’s spirituality is also recognized as his faith alternately triumphs and falters. He notes that adversity and failure often is used of God to build strong character in His chosen heroes of the faith.

Matthew Henry (1662-1714) is the great commentator. John Gill (1697-1771) is also a highly popular commentator. Pink 1890-1953 is the author of some 23 volumes. His works are often reprinted because of their in-depth study. Cyril J. Barber wrote: ''A masterful exposition that unfolds the lessons David learned as a result of God’s dealings with him. Revealing and challenging'' 616 pages, blue linen hard cover

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