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Exposition of First Peter, Volume 2 of 2
After the Introduction (pp. 1-29), his first subject is The Christian Salvation (30-60); next is, The Present and Future State of the Christian Contrasted (pp.61-79); The Final Happiness of the Christians (80-104); Christian Duty (pp. 105-163), etc. Under each of these subjects, there are extensive sub-heads. Under Christian Duty are: The general view; the particular view; the means of performance of Christian Duty; Motives to the performance of Christian Duty; The holiness of God; The strict equity of God, etc. There are segments for all the verses, but the discourse may not take up a verse word-for-word. The comments are excellent in every way. The reader will meet with many beautiful facets of the Truth in this epistle which cannot be found in any other exposition of this book. Each page is studded with Scripture references from both Testaments, all of them magnify the light being thrown on the subject. For instance, in dealing with the expression ""a peculiar people,"" Brown points out that the original means ""a people for possession"" Or, ""treasure,"" and he brings in no less than 12 scripture references, all of them demonstrating that God's people are His treasure: 'He makes it evident that the Lord has set apart the godly man for Himself; and, ""in the day that He shall make up His jewels,"" collect His treasure, He will bestow on them such ""an exceeding weight of glory"" as shall make all the intelligent universe acknowledge that they are HIS; in a peculiar sense His property, . . ."" Spurgeon remarked that all of John Brown's ""expositions are of the utmost value;"" ""pure gold,"" and that he was ""a Puritan born out of time."" ""Has stood the test of time. Full and complete. Indispensable to the expositor"" (The Minister's Library, Cyril J. Barber).
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